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Written by Ralph Quinn   
Monday, 20 April 2009 21:50

Another weekend and we're hoping for something better than the murk the week before. This week we go west in search of some visibility. The target is the bow of the Black Hawk in the rather scenic Worbarrow Bay, Dorset.

We put the club RIB into the water at Kimmeridge just a few miles to the east. It was quite interesting to watch the various degrees of seamanship on show at the slip; some of the more interesting examples were "we've never launched a boat before, you go first and we'll watch how it's done" (I'll bet that those guys are still in Weymouth with their vodka running dangerously low!) to the explosive launch technique which I can explain on demand but will probably decline a demonstration.

If you read last week's report, you'll know that our echo sounder/fish finder is a tad unreliable at present so we were once more relying on our patent pending Pooley Nav. How did it go this time?

Well, we arrived at roughly the right place and were the first dive boat there so no chance of using someone elses shot line. Dr Pooley pulled out some lat/long numbers and we drove the boat around for a few minutes until we were spot on those numbers. Over the shot went, would it be in the wreck?

We kitted up and in we jumped. The visibility was much much better this week, perhaps up to 6 metres. We got to the sea bed to find that the shot line weight was siting in the middle of the sandy sea bed. Doh! I was confident that we'd probably find some wreckage as it's been blown up enouh times. But when we were properly on the bottom and had a look around, it was obvious that the Pooley Nav© was in effect again; the shot was only 2 or 3 metres short of the wreck! Steve dragged the shot up a bit to the wreck so the next group would land straight on the wreck


More later. If you can't make it back, it was a really really good dive!


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