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Wednesday, 09 September 2009 11:50

It has been a while since I have enjoyed a dive on the Betsy Anna quite as much. We were not too hopeful as the previous week had provided gale force winds which would surely stir up the bottom and reduce visibility to a mere few metres. After a 45 minute run out of Swanage the sun was out as we rolled off the side of the boat and disappeared from the surface. About 10 metres from the bottom I began to focus on the sea bed below, which was surely a good sign. The sunshine was reflecting off the light coloured bottom and illuminating large shoals of Whiting. I had to remind myself that this was not a tropical dive, just Christchurch Bay in August. Once comfortable we swam towards the boilers which were home to a number of lobsters and conger eels. After a full inspection we eased towards the stern of the vessel and past the exposed prop shaft. More large shoals of Whiting parted and revealed the partly intact stern section with many large pouting swimming through the ribs of the ship. I followed a large anchor chain away from the wreck and sat on the sea bed gazing back at the grey silhouette of the stern which rose up a around 3 metres above the sea bed. With plenty air remaining there was still time to inspect the bow section before ascending close to where we began the dive, on the boilers. The best dive I have done on the Betsy Anna for sometime, made even better by the sunshine and great visibility.

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