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Written by MikeJ   
Thursday, 29 July 2010 14:04

The Last dive log in my little red book was dated 1995. It didn’t seem that long ago but the date suggests otherwise! Then in early spring my neighbour (Graham), who I knew to be a BSAC diver, gave me a load of Dive magazines to browse.

You know how things tend to go once you start reading, so yes: I was soon dragging my old dive bag out of storage. Most of it was delivered to local dive shops for servicing and I bought a few items such as an octopus (these weren’t common practice in 1995; buddy beathing was taught) plus a few sessions on ebay.

After Google-ing my old BSAC club: Calshot Sub-Aqua Club, I started turning up at the weekly meetings. Almost all of the members were unknown to me but they definitely have the same friendly welcoming outlook that the club has always had.

As a result of this I have restarted diving with the club, thoroughly enjoying it, and looking forward to more during the rest of the season.

If anyone reading this hasn’t dived in a while then I definitely recommend contacting Calshot Sub-Aqua Club!

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