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Thursday, 17 February 2011 09:29

The Serrana was a defensively armed British steamer of 3,677 tons heading fron London to Barbados. She was torpedoed by Oberleutnant zur Zee Karl Stoeter of UB-35 on the 22nd of January 1918. 3 crew died in the attack, and a further 2 died in the confusion that followed as they abandoned ship. The Serrana was taken in tow by a patrol boat, but she ran aground on Bridge Reef where she finally broke her back. The stern seperated and drifted almost 1/2 mile up the Solent before finally sinking.




Dive Type


Bow - 50°39.62' N 01°36.16' W

Stern - 50°39.872' N 01°35.836' W



Both the bow and stern have been dispersed with explosives, but much remains to be seen on the seabed. The stern still retains her two boilers and the triple expansion 3 cylinder steam engine lies on the seabed along with the rear deck gun.

This wreck is easy to find as the New Forest National Park Authority have attached a permanent buoy to the wreck as part of their Underwater Heritage Trail. They also have an intersting Serrana video on their website.

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