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Thursday, 26 February 2009 14:09

HMS Warwick Deeping was 545 ton WWII Anti-Submarine Steam Trawler armed with depth charge catapults, anti-aircraft and 4.7" gun.


On October 11th, 1940 she was on patrol with another armed trawler, L’Istrac, south of St. Cathrine’s Point when they were surprised by 5 German E-Boats. The E-Boats opened fire with guns and torpedoes just after midnight. The L’Istrac was hit and sank very quickly, while the Warwick Deeping dodged torpedoes and ran for the Isle of Wight. Finally the sea overcame her engines and she started to sink. The entire crew abandoned ship and safely made it ashore.




Dive Type


50°34'22" N 01°27'72" W




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