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Thursday, 26 February 2009 14:54

 In September 1939 the Bennendijk, better known as the "Benny", was steaming from New York to Amsterdam. When she entered UK waters she was requested by teh Royal Navy to stop at Portland for routine checks. She arrived just off of the Shambles as darkness fell on the 7th of October, so her captain (Capt W. MOREE ) requested that she be able to drop anchour until the morning. Unfortunately for her, the German submarine U26 had recently deployed a number of newly developed magnetic mines in the area and one of these exploded beneath her hull. The Benny stay afloat and the entire crew of 41 were rescued. She was ablaze from stem to stern when she finally sank on the morning of the 8th.


SS Bennedijk





Dive Type


50 32' 11"N 02 20' 01"W


Hard Boat

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