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Monday, 28 March 2011 21:34

Cromhall Diving Centre is based at Cromhall Quarry close to Junction 14 of the M5 in South Gloucestershire.

This is a relatively new dive site compared with the likes of Stoney Cove or Vobster Quay. The site has reasonably good facilities with air and nitox available on site however the catering, changing and toilet facilities are not as good as other comparable sites. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

The lake itself covers a significant area with multiple entry points including a good beach, pontoon and quay/jetty. The beach is ideal for first open water dives and rescue training. The pontoon and quay/jetty make good safe entry and exit points although they are both into relatively deep water (approximately 15m). The plus side of Cromhall being a large site is that it is very easy to find a quiet spot in the water. The downside is that the facilities are well spaced out which means it can be a bit of a trek to get gas or a cup of tea.

The bottom of the lake is mainly around the 15m mark with plenty of shallower areas available. As with most quarrys the bottom is a bit silty however this soon settles and as the lake is so large it is quite easy to find a quiet space with good visibility (5m to 10m). The lake has various things in it including the obligatory selection of sunken boats. The most useful things are the containers that have been put in as training platforms.

In summary, a good divesite for training from Ocean Diver through to Dive Leader and various SDC's.

Website: www.cromhall.com/community/cromhall_diving_centre.php

Postcode: GL12 8AA

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