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Sunday, 24 May 2009 18:01


The Baiter launch site is very near the middle of Poole, making it nice and convenient to get to. There is loads of parking though it can be busy in the summer.

The area is reclaimed apparently which means that it's as flat as a pancake, it is necessary to push the boat out really quite far to get it floating off the trailer. It's also usually necessary to use a rope to recover the trailer with the boat afterwards.


  • Running water to wash down boat / engine
  • Food trailer with hot & cold drinks, chips, burgers, bacon rolls, all the essentials really
  • Parking
  • Toilets
  • Continual entertainment from jetski & powerboat newbies

Getting There

Open Google Map in new window.

View Larger Map

Postcode: BH15 1UX (this is for the houses across the road, it should put you very much in the ballpark)

Parking Charges

Will find out shortly...

Make sure you park in the first bit, don't park up the end in the space reserved for vehicles with trailers. Also make sure your parking ticket is properly and obviously on display, the guys who patrol this place are on the ball and will issue a ticket faster than you can say "but here it is, it just fell down the side a little bit...." Ben should be able to tell you how much the fine is! ;-)

Convenient for:

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